My proven coaching framework is built on the latest research in nutrition, behavioral health & mindfulness to support you on your journey to food & body enlightenment

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Mindfulness-Based Intuitive Eating

Gain confidence and skill in trusting your body, heart and soul as you learn to gravitate towards foods that provide both nourishment and pleasure. Free yourself of restrictive eating patterns and feel rooted in a deeper and more authentic relationship with your Self and food.

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Lifestyle Optimization

Embody an enhance quality of life free of dieting. Create healthy routines and positive coping mechanisms to handle life's challenges including uncomfortable emotions, triggers, and stresses that contribute to unhealthy food behaviors. Clear the clutter in your life so that you can live into more of your purpose.

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Resilient Mindset

Develop a healthier mindset towards food, body image, and life. Create a clear vision for your future life in whole health. Relate harmoniously with your internal environment and notice as you experience more of what you are capable of beyond the limitations of food obsession.


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